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 I'm Glad to be Seeing Clients Again on a Limited Schedule

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Cell and Text:   310 - 409 - 6050
Email: Info@bobpatrick.com





Thank You

Thanks for your patience as I enjoyed time off for hiatus.  It was my first extended break since beginning to see clients here in Los Angeles twelve years ago.  From this base Iíve also served men and women across North America and overseas.

At 67, Iíve been providing massage and bodywork since my late teens --- longer than many masseurs have been alive. Iíve worked on and learned from literally thousands of people from age 18 to 84, gay, bi, straight, undecided and transgender. Countless others have benefited from my diverse work via YouTube, cable TV and multiple websites.

This wealth of opportunity and experience has allowed me to refine and innovate techniques that merge traditional therapeutic, sport and Swedish massage with Esalen principles and progressive bodywork.


The Setting

If youíre arriving by car, I arrange for a convenient parking space for you. My studio is a private environment that is well-appointed, comfortable and pet/allergen free. I use non-scented blends of water-soluble oils and lotions to moisturize and help soften your skin.  Youíre welcome to shower before and/or after your session in a sparkling clean, hot shower.  


An Overview

Stress in your life can manifest itself physically (often in your neck, shoulders and lower back) as well as emotionally and psychologically. My massage and bodywork can help address your physical issues. And our focused, confidential conversation may help you address less-tangible concerns that weigh you down.

My sessions frequently begin with guided stretching and movements that help align and elongate your posture. Sometimes Iíll place you on my well-padded massage table, but more often I take a unique approach that Iíve innovated. I utilize a vertical massage chair that gives me great access to your neck, shoulders, back, piriformis and upper gluteus muscles. Then by seating you in a reclining massage chair I tend to your feet, legs and torso, hands and arms.

In our final segment, I position you upon a soft and supportive massage mound. There, I move over you with what I call an ďUltraMassageĒ technique, treating you from head to toe with pressure that ranges from feather-light to my full body weight.

Your visit with me will usually last 90 minutes: a full hour for bodywork and massage, plus 15 minutes both before and after to change, chat and shower.

Regardless how many massages youíve had in your life or how many therapists youíve visited, I predict youíve never experienced my unique, satisfying techniques.


A Unified Approach

As part of my care, I encourage clients to maintain or begin diet and exercise programs that can help alleviate health problems while nourishing confidence and self-esteem.

If youíre suffering from physical ailments or injuries, Iíll defer seeing you until your issues have been fully addressed by a physician, chiropractor or specialist.  Professional medical diagnoses and treatments are often needed for conditions such as torn knee or shoulder ligaments, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and other injury or disease.  Once your practitioner gives approval, Iíll be glad to assist as part of your holistic care program.


Better than Ever

Iím honored to have enjoyed an experience-rich life. My joy, pain and loves --- lost and found --- have given me maturity and perspective to commiserate with you. Additional to my touch, perhaps I can share a few insights Iíve learned, sometimes the hard way. Iím an intuitive practitioner and listener so you can express the pain youíre feeling, regardless of its source.

My hiatus this year gave me time for self-replenishment and exploration. Iíve strengthened bonds with friends and family. Iíve developed some new skills and refined others. My priorities have been re-tuned, allowing me to enjoy a lighter schedule.

Most significantly, my new partner has allowed me to experience the joy of receiving as well as giving. Iíve become more centered and grounded by redirecting time and energy to me and to us.

As a result of this new focus and calm, Iím better able to serve you and to assist you along your path.

I look forward to hearing from you by email, text or phone.

With appreciation, 

Bob Patrick.